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Carburetor being modified at CFS
Testing a carburetor at the flow bench

Before you inquire about a carburetor, please take a look at the Specification Sheet Example page. It will give you an idea of the information we will need. Next, print out a copy of the Specification Sheet form, and fill in as much as you can. Finally, give us a call at 520-241-2787. We'll discuss your specs and other things, so that we can get the whole picture of your racing situation. If you get our voice-mail box, please leave your name and phone numbers and we'll call you back.

If you would prefer to email your spec list, scan and email it to or Please include your name and phone numbers in your message.

Our mailing address, phone, and website: (New as of August 20, 2021)  

Competition Fuel Systems
12889 Canada Rd.                    520-241-2787
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520-241-2787   Competition Fuel Systems, Inc.   Birch Run,Michigan