Competition Fuel Systems

CFS Carburetor Production Policy

Carburetor being modified at CFS
Testing a carburetor at the flow bench

Because we build our carbs on a custom basis, we don't have complete carbs on the shelf ready to ship. That means we can't help customers who need a new carb by the weekend. A carburetor is a critical piece of a racing engine, so it should be included in the planning stage of that engine, just as cylinder heads and camshaft are. We don't build generic one size fits all carbs because very few racers have generic engines. So plan ahead, give time for everything to be built the right way, and you won't be disappointed.

If you need some help with parts selection for a new engine combination, or need to improve an existing engine, we would be happy to help you with that. Choosing engine components that all work together to make a competitive power curve requires experience, and putting the chosen components together takes time.

We build our carbs in the same order that requests come in, with very few exceptions. To be fair to our customers who have ordered, we will not drop a carb that we are working on to build one for someone who is in a panic because he didn't plan ahead. We hope you will give us the time to build your carb the right way, and allow us to use our knowledge to help you fine-tune your engine parts selection process.


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